Keynote Speaker

Torsten Persson, Swedish Research Council Distinguished Professor at Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University, has kindly agreed to be the keynote speaker of this year’s conference. Torsten Persson is the leading scholar in the field of political economics. In 1997, he was awarded The Yrjo Jahnsson Award in Economics, a biannual award by the European Economic Association to "the best young economist in Europe". He is currently serving on The Prize Committee for the Alfred Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.

Torsten's work has appeared in top academic journals, such as the American Economic Review, Econometrica, Journal of Political Economy and the Review of Economic Studies. He is mostly well-known for his contribution in political economics, but his work has also spanned macroeconomics, international economics, and public economics. Beyond topics in political economics, Torsten's current research also focuses on development, civil war, and climate change.